“Darling shine”

Group exhibition of 18 Greek and foreign painters and sculptors.

Curation : Domna Chanoumidou

By Artzone42 Gallery – Municipal Gallery of Mykonos (Matogianni Hall) – September 2018


Portrait based on the sculpted head approximation (wax work through Forensic Facial Reconstruction method) of Beata, a victim of the Vasa Royal Swedish warship shipwreck (1628).

Together with the wellpreserved ship, the wax works of the victims’ heads -created with the aforementioned method, based on sculls found in the wreckage and on general features of the era- are exhibited in VASA Museum in Stockholm.
Vasa warship sank during its maiden trip in 1628 after only 1.300 m. sail, foundered by a wind of medium strength.