Production by Asteris Kanoussis,  included in painting exhibition under the title “Thalassopédies”.

ARGO Gallery – Athens – 2014


Music – Ex Silentio
Song – Puncha Puncha (part of it)
Carpe Diem Records

About “MNEME”

Late medieval and traditional music from the Mediterranean countries.

“Mneme” by the Greek early music ensemble “Ex Silentio” is an intriguing collection of musical remembrances from all around the mediterranean sea: dances, songs and instrumental pieces from medieval and early renaissance sources.

The musicians of “Ex Silentio”, being at home both in the traditional folk music and the “classical” early music world, create a colorful portrait of these ancient times, telling of mighty kings, noble knights and beautiful princesses that once populated those countries as well as people’s imaginations then as now.

“Mneme” is as much a historically well-informed performance of this ancient music as it is a visionary and highly creative fairy tale derived from Greek mythology and mediterranean psyche.


Theodora Baka – voice
Tobias Schlierf – voice, hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, organ portative
Dimitris Kountouras – recorder, musical direction
Thimios Atzakas – oud
Andreas Linos – fiddle & viola da gamba
Elektra Miliadou – fiddle & viola da gamba
Nikos Varelas – percussion