Nostro Caro Scuro

Group show

Apostolis Itskoudis / Vassilis Garyfallakis / Nikos Kitmeridis

27 works ( 9 per artist )


Genesis Gallery – Kolonaki, Athens

March 2020


Text : Independent Art Curator  Iris Kritikou

Art Direction : Yiorgos Tzaneris



Currently, text in full is only available at the Greek version of the site.

Among others, in her text, Iris Kritikou referred to the following ….


Our mind is the canvas on which the artists lay their colour; their pigments are our emotions; their chiaroscuro the light of joy, the shadow of sadness. The masterpiece is of ourselves, as we are of the masterpiece.

Kakuzō Okakura, The Book of Tea (1906)


The amount of chiaroscuro an idea harbors is the only index of its profundity

Emil Cioran