V Chants – Early Music on canvas+

Production by Konstantinos Economou, included in painting-sculpture exhibition under the title V Chants – Early Music on canvas+

ARGO Gallery – Athens 2016

Konstantinos Economou was born in 1983 in Halkida, the city where he grew up.

He is Director / Animator, and he’s been working for the last nine years for the creative department of Nova television, as a Trailer Director.

He has directed documentaries, short films, music video-clips while, the last two years he has also been creating theatrical sceneries.

His short film “Same Life Different Day”, has participated in numerous festivals around the world, while material from his video “Jovan – Ungrateful” were used for Greek Ministry of Culture’s documentary “Rebetiko” directed by Thanasis Papakostas, which was created for the documentation of the respective kind of music’s candidacy file in the UNESCO representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Video music theme (in parts)

Rosa das rosas
Carpe Diem Records