A collaboration of the evident with the unspoken

Argo Gallery – Athens

Mar – Apr 2014


If something gives you the impression that, “there”, “as such”, and “just like this”, had to be so…
If something draws your gaze, and then after a day or maybe two…
you wish to look at it again…
If this something reminds you of something, but possibly – even though silently – you may admit you have been beaten to it: he voiced it first…
If for whoever made something – which brings to life in you all the above – you feel he has a lot more to say… and that you ‘d like to be there and see it all…
… then clearly – the artist – was right to trust his flight of fancy!
I am not an art-critic, painting is not my field… and I am doubly honored by my friend Vassilis’ invitation to write a few words about this first exhibition of his. And all the above, it is for him and his exhibition I ‘m writing.
Art, in any of its forms, moves and transports, when for some palpable and unspoken reasons it concerns the “viewer”…provided the inspiration and the motive of the artist have something to say, an answer to give, for this day: ours and his.
Time and training mold the most interesting technique in any form of art. What cannot be acquired – in time – is “soul”… talent.
And if, as I apprehend, we possess soul, body and mind… now, at the threshold of such an interesting moment of mankind, a work of art must deliver an interpretation engulfing all three faculties.
And again I will say: “I saw all this in Vassilis’ work”.
It is great to venture “utter” what you have dreamed of, unflinching and persevering.
It is great to trust your fancy so as to surprise your own self… not to surprise others.
It is great not to “undersell” your original inspiration… not to shun difficulties.
It is great to let yourself go “… wherever the breeze blows … wherever the breeze knows…” … to make room for the unexpected, for humour, and let both breathe.
You need talent to “catch” the moment and let it shine forth, not expecting it to flash on you.
I still feel “Dipusaea” ‘s eyes on me.
I worry whether the fish finally plunged into the wash basin … and if “Catharsis” was concluded… if the sea overflowed completely… “In and Out”…
How I wished to lend Vassilis’ Orestes a hand… since he so much reminds me of something in me.
I’d like to stand hours on end: to look for – to discover how is it possible for your MEDuse, Vassili, to stare so unconditionally at this “something”…
And can it be a blessing or a curse… to be followed by a “Ray of light”?
Over and above all, I would like to wish from the bottom of my heart, to you Vassili, all the best and every success.

Thank you

Natalia Capodistria