Early Music night – ARGO Gallery – Athens

October 5, 2016 –

Early Music, in the context of Vassilis Garyfallakis’ painting – sculpture solo show under the title  “V Chants – Early music on canvas+”.

Wind instruments
Dimitris Kountouras

Theodora Baka
Fani Antonelou
Roxanne Papadimitriou

Music works :

Rex Caeli Dominae, Respice in me, Victimae Paschali, as well as two Gregorian themes’ improvisations under the titles Chant III and Sequenza.

Opening act
Antigoni Naka – Actress
Constance Puyt – Garment / Accessories
Vassilis Garyfallakis – Concept

Filming – Konstantinos Economou

Media Sponsor
Specs ‘n’ arts

During the day we were guided by their oblique religious looks. We climbed on their fingers; the bare branches that were their fingers. But when darkness fell and could not see any shine or holiness, we found our way thanks to the thick trunks soaked in the lust for the journey.
We heard the colours of a prayer and froze on top of the red water lilies and the clusters of mussels with ours ears stuck on our foreheads.
Thus drained, thus luminous we finally made it back to our time.

Naya Koutroumani – Writer